Group Therapy:

How does group therapy help?
If you think about, most of us are part of groups throughout our lives. These include various social, community, personal and professional associations.  The first group we are exposed to, of course, is our families.  Here we learn many things about ourselves and other people.  Sometimes in our families, we received less than ideal parenting which can impacts our adult lives in negative ways. How we feel and think about ourselves can inform our behavior and affects our relationships with others. Group therapy provides a setting to address unresolved issues, gain greater understanding of ourselves and learn new and healthy ways of relating to others.  More...


Personal Growth Groups for Adults

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Day: Tuesdays or Thursdays

Meets: Weekly

Location: Seattle/South Lake Union


Group therapy can help you:

  • Know what you want.

  • Stand up for yourself.

  • Make sense of your life.

  • Have a better relationship with yourself and others.








Group therapy is effective, healing, and affordable. Check the American Group Psychotherapy Association for more information on group therapy.

In this group you are invited to explore all the things that keep you from moving forward to a more fulfilling life. We will use process (talking) and action-oriented (psychodrama) methods to assist you in learning about yourself, relating to others and family of origin work. In addition, issues such as social skills, empowerment, self-esteem, life transitions, grief, loss, and recovery from trauma will be addressed.



For more information and/or to schedule an interview,

call or email the offices of  

Therapy Into Action:

Marisa Kallman, MA, LMHC, CP  (206) 282-1699




* About the Facilitators:


Marisa Kallman, MA, LMHC, CP is a licensed Seattle psychotherapist and owner of Therapy Into Action, a private practice located in the South Lake Union area. She is a dynamic therapist, group leader and teacher who helps people find joy, passion and possibility in their lives. Marisa has over 20 years combined experience in teaching, presenting and working with groups. She presents a multi-disciplined approach to help her clients gain clarity and perspective. Marisa specializes in recovery issues: relationship concerns, past or recent past trauma, substance abuse, compulsive overeating, body image, grief & loss, and divorce.




John Skandalis, MA, LMHC, CP, TEP is a licensed Seattle therapist in private practice since 1991. His clients and colleagues appreciate his warm and personable demeanor as well as his sense of humor. John Skandalis has skillfully lead groups for more than 20 years and he specializes in helping clients know their authentic selves and discovering the life they truly want to live.